Wednesday, March 09, 2005

just something i was thinking

Drugs are

David Oliver
Susan Prais
Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Why is it that every ones choices in life are made by others influence? Why cant we make rash choices on are own, are we all just sheep? In life a lot will inevitably happen, the choices we make today will make or brake us tomorrow in one way or another, but why do we want others picking are life for us. We say we want freedom but we do not use, but we to try and force it on others.
There are many choices we must pick from what parent to live with to what to take in school or to take drugs and for some kids these and more made every day. like to wait to the last minute to do homework, they know it has to be done but where is the incentive to do it. Yes it is worth a grade but how far in life will getting an A get you it is a start, but it will not make you boss of Microsoft or give you a million dollars it takes far more then that to get ahead in life.
For some that feel as if they join a club in school will get them a great job but they still have to earn there right for the job but for some being lead a round like sheep is just fine (as long as they are not called sheep) every one need to learn to think for them self not just because some one said it was bad but to know why so that they can make the choice for them self. If we do not we mite as well have a dictatorship. This is how the holocaust happens by not taking the time to think about what is being done to are fellow men/women. We do not to be in such a hurry to get think done take time and ask all the question you need for this is the only way to truly understand what is happing. This is why Hitler was able to do what he did no one stopped and smelled the roses and did not read or cared to read the fine pint on what they sing there name to.
I am truly sorry if this offend any one but this is just how it works.
“One man ignorance is another one success”
Thank you for your time have a nice day

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Question For Katelyn (2-22)

How is the direction for the camp going? From what I hear I know that it is going foward and that you are an excellent frontrunner for this camp! I also think I have some other information that may be of use to you... So we will need to get in touch hopefully sometime this week. I just wonder how much money do you wish to use for technology? If you want advanced technology at your fingertips let me know ASAP!!! I already debated about the other outstanding issues with David so we shouldn't be confused about any of that. Otherwise, I look foward to seeing all of you in July!

Best to all, -John Ott

Monday, February 07, 2005

Katelyn's Rough Draft Of The Camp (2-7)

Here it is straight from the mastermind herself...

Hey Y'all!
What will this camp look like?

Freedom to choose activities.
ü Ham radios (Mark. Henry. Oscar)
ü Sub (robotic or otherwise)
ü Nature Trails
ü Swamping
ü Livestock management
ü Horse care
ü Gardening + advancements
ü Forensics
ü Telescopes (+ History)
ü Landscape
ü Water Quality/ Experiments & Testing
ü Photography
ü Clay Work
ü Weaving
ü Computer Tech
ü Games (Free Time)
ü Wilderness Survival
Basic knowledge on sustainability will be worked into Activities.
Choosing sleeping arrangements:
ü Oakland Universities Dorm Space
ü Tents Available
Will have a few basic projects worked in that have to do with what the kids have been working on, have a few things to boost confidence.
Still need to work out a few kinks though like length, kids, groups, teachers, mentors, overall cost, we also need to make sure all of us can pitch in.
Please edit when you can.
~Kit Kat

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Status Update (1-27)

As all of you are aware it is almost February. I don't know how much I'll be able to help you guys out but I will do anything I can. I am saying this because I think we need a status update. What exactly is left to do before June? I also think I might be able to help address some of your concerns because I have some new friends coming to my blog. So if you address to me what needs to be done I will send it to my blog and provide help. Even though I'm not really a part of this, I want you guys to succeed more then anything.

Best to all, -John Ott

Friday, January 21, 2005

Very Confused

Hi everyone,
Been a while since I've blogger here, but I've been blogging a lot and wanted to make sure I hit all of my contacts. Anyway I read the recent blogs and notice 2 things you guys were talking about the Global Trade Mission, which I found out that some students from my home school,Clarkston, have and are following through with the opportunity to go to the GTM. I, myself, am very excited to be able to go since it is mostly bussiness classes that are going and I am going to be one of the few from an agriscience class that is able to go. (BohYa!)...(Sorry Jim, I couldn't contain myself...) Okay the second thing I noticed in discussion was, "edu" is it code for something or does it just mean education, and if it does I'm lost...Please Help!

~Kit Kat

Kit Kat:

Edu is short for Nlandu Mansaluca whom is the gentlemen from Angola, Africa you may have met at the observatory on various Sundays. He has been a participant in the GTM for the past couple of years focusing on the sub-saharan area of Africa. He and David have been working on a presentation regarding alternative energy for the GTM 2005 event. Edu is also developing a project with the Ghana government to import/export cultural artifacts to the United States in partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

*edu is also a internet organization identifier for educational institutions as you surmised.



Thursday, January 13, 2005

hi sorry i was late getting here

what is up all, not much here justs saying what needs to be said.
all of my papers are in. did an ffa demo, monday i think we did great, i think we could do it for the gtm for the world. had a metting sunday. went well sherry K. was there she wants the grant but i dont think she know we do not need it to do it. meet her kids thay seemed nice hope good for them i would wright more but i cleaned my room and wow what a diffrints and some how it s gone now sorrry.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

hay paul

Edu, Jim and I were thinking that we could get warm to help train k-12, to learn how to set up alternative energy projects in other countries. maybe we could get warm to donate the equitment and thay could wright it off on taxs it would be a win win for all. we planed on trying to get warm to give a demostration to oakland schools maybe gtm too.
no i have not been in contact with Mr. Neal

David/Edu Collaboration

Hi, David!

I'd really like to know more about the project that you and Edu are discussing...and to determine whether or not it can be component of the GTM. I might be able to help.

This will require a demonstration (informal) of some organizational efforts that I might take to Elissa Hopper or Dr. big deal, it will just have to fit a format.

David, have you been in contact with Mr. Neal at NW...or how about the man who markets a rough replication of your sub-Sahara utility design?

I'd like to work with you on this but I'll need some guidance from you. If you wish...thanks!



Good day all, how have all you been doing? Fine here, so google is going put the U of M's library online. What about the authors. Any one have any thing to say to that? Where dose it end? How about man kinds knowledge, any one. Do you when they will put common sense on the net? A lot of people need that, like how to driving, and courtesy